Monday, August 17, 2009

Hit Rocky's Pizza and Hot Dogs-Towne Lake

Rocky's Pizza and Hot Dogs recently opened next to WOW Fitness. Of course my first thought was, "Do we really need another pizza place?" No. But what we do need is a place that serves really good pizza with high quality ingredients and that's reasonably priced. Rocky's is that place. My office tried a variety of what Rocky's offers including the White Pizza (pictured), a Margherita Pizza, hot wings, a Greek Salad and a Caesar Salad. Yes, there was plenty left over! For lunch, you can get a cheese slice for $1.49. Add one of the many small salads Rocky's offers for $2.79 - $3.79, a drink, and you're eating for under $7. Rocky's offers a wide variety of specialty pizzas including a buffalo pizza, bacon cheeseburger, and garden fresh veggie to name a few. The cheese is 100 percent real, high grade (Grande) cheese. And as the name states, Rocky's also offers Red Hot Chicago, all beef hotdogs in eight styles, including Chicago and Naked. I would say Rocky's is more of a carry-out place as there is limited seating, but there are a few tables outside, allowing patrons to take advantage of the upcoming Fall days! Rocky's does deliver within a limited area, and the next time we decide to "do" pizza, I'm calling Rocky's!
(678) 445-3399


buckheadgator said...

Because of Kara's blog, I tried Rocky's today for lunch. Besides the prices being ridiculously low the food was phenomenal.
The Chicago dog was incredible, just like I remember them at Jessie's in the Loop. Also had four different slices - White, BBQ Chicken, Hawaiian and Marguerita. WOW! I couldn't put them down (not good because I'm already fighting a weight problem).
Rocky's is Atlanta's (much less Woodstock's) new 'best pizza in town' icon.

Anonymous said...

Rocky's is awesome! Not only are the pizza, hotdogs, and wings delicious, but Rocky is truly a great man and has been a longtime contributor to the welfare of this neighborhood. Glad Rocky's Pizza is here.

buckheadgator said...

Went back to see if Rocky's is maintaining the same quality of food as I tried in August. Everything was still awesome! I don't know your secret but keep it up Rocky.
If you haven't tried Rocky's yet, don't waste anymore time. This pizza is definitely worth a 25 minute drive from Buckhead.

Anonymous said...

Being from NY, I am always on the search for a good pie...and Rocky's place ROCKS!!!!! I will never eat pizza anywhere else again. Home style pizza right here in good ole' Woodstock, who 'd believe it! Thanks
BTW- the delivery girl was a cutie too!

You and Me said...

Just had a pizza delivered and not only did it take 20 minutes longer than quoted for our pizza to arrive, but when it did get here, it was cold. Hope everyone else has a better experience than my family.

Rocky said...

Just saw the comment for the later than expected delivery which is unacceptable and I do apologize. We would love to have another chance by redoing your order free. As a new business, we will make mistakes along the way and it is people such as yourself that will only make us better. Thank you for your post, look forward to hopefully getting another chance.

Rocky Salet

Anonymous said...

OR CALL 678 880 6818

Southern Estate Alpacas said...

Rocky and Robin have the BEST Pizza in Towne Lake and the best prices! You have to try the 1000 acres! I tried them out a month ago and have been back several times since! I am almost glad when my wife asks if I can pick up dinner because now I know where to go!

Towne Lake 15 said...

Rocky's pizza is fantastic and I just wanted to remind you folks that when you are a member of the Towne Lake 15, you get a free medium pizza when you order a large. The deals @ TL15 are insane! Thanks to people like Rocky that want to give great deals to the public. Rocky cares a great deal about Towne Lake.

Anonymous said...

Love this place!! We will be ordering from here for a LOOOONG time! There are no questions between my husband and I as to who we should deliver from.

Once we called and they said the delivery time would be about an hour and I thought two things. 1) Worth the wait and 2) Go figure so many people are ordering from them because the food is so good!!

They messed up our order once, but they were more than willing to make up for it, and did so by offering more than any other place would. You can definitely tell they deeply value their customers. So to sum it up there is absolutely no way you shouldn't give this place a try!

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