Saturday, September 5, 2009

SNEAK PEEK- Pure Taqueria, downtown Woodstock

Once in a while, there are some really cool perks to my job, and this was one of them! I received an invitation to the soft opening of Pure Taqueria, located in downtown Woodstock near the Right Wing Tavern. There's been so much talk about this restaurant (first location is in Alpharetta), and everyone in Towne Lake and Woodstock has been antipating the opening of Pur for months now.
My invitation allowed me and a guest (my husband) to experience Pure before it opens to the general public on September 7. We were treated to an appetizer, dinner entree, dessert and drinks. For each course, the waiter would present all the choices written on pieces of paper. We then randomly selected our choice. For the appetizer, we picked the cheese dip with chorizo and poblano peppers. It was served with warm tortillas and was amazingly good! I could have eaten that as a meal in itself! Definitely plenty to share! For the entrees, we each got to pick from the "hat." I chose tacquitos (pictured), and my husband picked the fish tacos. Unlike some tacquitos I've had, these were light, not greasy, and wonderfully flavorful. The tacquitos were accompanied by guacomole, sour cream and cheese. The fish tacos consisted of lightly fried tilapia with chipolte aioli and salsa to put on the tacos. We made excellent random choices! And we got lucky on the dessert pick- flan. But this was flan like I have never had- cinnamon apple! Sounds kind of weird but it was so good! There were specs of cinnamon in the flan with spiced, warm apples on the side. The drinks... oh the drinks, were tasty. They have a fairly extensive selection of margaritas, and I did my job and tasted a few of them.
Here's the part that really makes Pure unique. There is a rooftop bar with couches, chairs and a restroom! Very much like Cinco that I wrote about earlier. There was live entertainment, cocktails and a full moon. Perfect night! Pur is destined to be a BIG hit in Woodstock, and hopefully, this will drive more businesses to open downtown.
Let me know what you think!

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