Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hit with Smart Ass on the Side... Metrofresh, Midtown

Yes, another Midtown eatery, and honestly, I never would have found this place had it not been for a big ole coupon on Groupon. If you have no idea what a Groupon is, check it out at They have some great deals. Back to Metrofresh. It's located on Monroe Drive, very close to Piedmont Park. Their premise is fresh food fast. Every day, there's a new menu based on what's available "fresh." You can get soup, salad, sandwiches and at dinner time, they have a few entrees. They serve wine by the glass or bottle (always a plus to serve wine!) Part of my lunch that day included a mixed green salad with goat cheese, mango and blueberry (pictured). Absolutely fantastic! It's counter service and they had two menus, one that was generic with prices on it i.e. salad, soup, sandwich, and one with actual food on it. I found it to be confusing so when I asked the dude, and yes, he was a dude with 'tude, to explain it to me, he said, "Well, you speak, I listen, we exchange currency and I produce food for you." Smart Ass. Being so close to Piedmont Park makes Metrofresh a perfect place to get a picnic lunch, even with a side of Smart Ass!

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